Travelling back to the time of the missions

In a break from the jungle setting, the San Ignacio Miní mission takes us back in time to discover the culture of Jesuits and Guaranís. Enjoy a breathtaking vista from the Teyú Cuaré Rock at sunset.

The ruins of the San Ignacio mission tell us its story with the aid of an audiovisual presentation projected on a fine mist at the centre of where everything transpired, showing us how Guaraní children learned from Jesuits, life in the jungle, its dangers, family life, relationships, and even the threats faced by that town of three thousand inhabitants, led by only two priests.

It is a story of triumph, loss, and, finally, oblivion. At the end of the day, you will find the best meals at the restaurants of San Ignacio or Parque Temático de la Cruz in Santa Ana.

Distances: From Posadas: 64 Km. (40 miles) – From Oberá: 67 Km. (42 miles) – From Puerto Iguazú: 240 Km (149 miles).

Colón 1985 - Posadas - Misiones
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