A field day at the ranch

Minutes away from Posadas, you can have an exclusive and traditional field day at Estancia Santa Inés, founded over 100 years ago by Don Pedro Núñez, a pioneer in yerba mate plantations in Misiones.

The farmstead—featuring an English colonial style—is located in the middle of a park that extends across a small jungle island. Visitors will find traditional meals, horseback riding, walks through the jungle and yerba mate plantations, photographic safaris, visits to the chapel built in 1941, and a pool made of volcanic stone with spring water.

Note: on Christmas Eve, there is a mass at the chapel with a procession and Guaraní chanting. Reservations: (0376) 154660584 – 4435771

Distances: From Posadas: 25 km (16 miles) - From Oberá: 115 km. (71 miles) - From Puerto Iguazú: 300 km (186 miles).

Colón 1985 - Posadas - Misiones
Tel: (0376) 4447539
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