Adventure Tourism

Come to Misiones to know its jungles, rivers, and waterfalls and exercise your body doing cycle tourism, canopying, wet rappelling, trekking, hiking, rappel, and having all kinds of adventures throughout the bucolic scenery of the beautiful rainforests, hills, and natural reserves.

If you’re looking for adrenaline and excitement, the area offers several adventure tourism possibilities to connect and interact with nature.

You can hire tourism agencies with personnel that is specialized in extreme sports and knowledgeable about the territory of Misiones to enjoy rides on the Iguazú river very near the waterfalls or incredible horseback rides through the jungle. You can also do wildlife viewing, ride the rivers under the moonlight, do jungle biking, off-road crossing, etc.

Aventura Náutica

Imperdibles excursiones náuticas para vivir la experiencia de navegar ríos, saltos y arroyos en la ecoregión de mayor biodiversidad de la Argentina.

Reserva de Biósfera Yabotí

Tiene una extención de 253.773 hectáreas y se encuentra en el centro este de la Provincia de Misiones limitando con la República Federativa de Brasil.

Colón 1985 - Posadas - Misiones
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