Land of Yerba Mate

Apóstoles offers an ideal getaway to know how yerba mate is produced, from its plantation to its harvest, drying, and milling.

It is a quaint location with small urban areas that have theme squares, historical buildings, and modern constructions among the region’s farms.

You can also enjoy some mate or tereré and the yerba-based gastronomy together with the rural families. A few kilometres away from downtown is La Cachuera, the oldest yerba mate production company in activity, which hosts the Juan Szychowski Historical Museum.

Films are projected at the auditorium and delicious infusions and other products are offered at its exclusive Matebar. An ideal complement to this trip is the nearby Guarani Jesuit mission of Santa María La Mayor, close to the Guaraní communities of Ojo de Agua and Raka Miri, which receive tourists.

You can have lunch at La Granja de Casiano (in the village of Azara) in a farming environment where a replica of a medieval castle can be found.

Distances: From Posadas: 70 Km (43 miles) - From Oberá: 100 km. (62 miles) - From Puerto Iguazú: 346 km. (215 miles)

Colón 1985 - Posadas - Misiones
Tel: (0376) 4447539
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