Salto Encantado

Salto Encantado is one of the most striking waterfalls in the province of Misiones, standing 64 metres high. It is the main attraction of the Provincial Park bearing its name, which comprises 13,227 hectares of jungle. It is 140 km (87 miles) away from Posadas and 6 km (4 miles) away from the town of Aristóbulo del Valle.

The water comes from the source of the Cuña Pirú stream, which traverses the natural park, flanked by breathtaking lush precipices.

You can climb down to the bottom of the waterfall on a 375-step winding stairway. The sound of the waterfall is even stronger below.

There are other paths that offer different views of Salto Encantado and allow you to take a look at smaller waterfalls, such as Salto Escondido, La Olla, the El Picaflor cascade, and Acutí.


From Posadas, take National Road No. 12 to Santa Ana, then Provincial Road No. 103 to Oberá and, finally, National Road No. 14 until you take Provincial Road No. 220 to the left for 3 km. Alternatively, you can take Provincial Road No. 7.



Salto Encantado Provincial Park – Aristóbulo del Valle

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