Yerba Mate Route

In the provinces of Misiones and Corrientes, where nature is generous and the heat is intense, yerba mate is grown. Across green pastures and friendly towns, this route takes travellers to the origins of one of the oldest and most ingrained Argentine traditions.




The Yerba Mate Route allows travellers to visit artisanal, ecological, and industrial premises where they will learn about the entire production process, from the large plantations to the final product’s harvest, drying, milling, and canning. Here, you can taste different types of yerba—traditional, organic, leafy-only, among others—discover its energizing properties, and learn about all the aspects of the “mate ceremony,” an important part of Argentineans’ daily life. Mate is drank in several ways: the traditional way is bitter and hot, but some prefer it sweet, flavoured with small pieces of orange peel or herbs, and, in the Litoral (the coastal area), where the summer is very hot, people drink it cold (this version of mate is known as “tereré.”)



The Yerba Mate Route represents 200 enterprises which employ—in the yerba production sector only—20 thousand workers from the two producer provinces: Misiones and Corrientes. The route essentially links the following sectors:


1. Yerba Mate producers and industries

2. Agro-industries.

3. Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops, and related establishments

4. Historical and Cultural Sites

5. Lodging businesses: traditional hotels, yerba mate ranches, hostels, cabins, bungalows, lodges and eco-lodges, camping grounds, etc.

6. Travel and Tourism Companies and Transportation Services


The Yerba Mate Route is the main food-related route of the MERCOSUR and the country brand that represents the Argentine Yerba. It crosses the entire territory of Misiones and the north of the province of Corrientes. Organized in circuits, each traveller can take the time they need to traverse it their own way. The main access points by land are Puerto Iguazú and Posadas (in Misiones) or the city of Corrientes, capital city of the homonymous province. Moreover, this route is connected with the area’s tourist attractions, such as the Iguazú Falls, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, the Moconá falls, and the Guaraní-Jesuit Missions, declared World Heritage Sites (in Misiones), as well as with the Iberá Springs (in Corrientes).



El mate es uno de los íconos culturales de Argentina. Se trata de una infusión a base de yerba mate, un árbol nativo de la selva subtropical de América del Sur, cuyos orígenes se remontan a los pueblos originarios guaraníes. Hoy, el mate es una costumbre esencial entre los pobladores de todo el país, un rito social del compartir, del pasar de mano en mano, acompañante ideal de una buena y larga conversación.


Pero no solo para la tradicional infusión se utiliza la yerba. Hay numerosos emprendimientos gastronómicos en los que se puede degustar toda la diversidad de platos, postres y bebidas que, en esta zona, se preparan y aderezan con yerba mate: panes, quesos, helados, alfajores, bombones, licores y cervezas son tan sólo algunos de los 200 alimentos y bebidas que combinan yerba mate con otros productos típicos de la zona. Una verdadera sorpresa para los paladares más curiosos y exigentes.

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