The Riverside Road—the Uruguay river in all its splendour

Riverside Road 2 traverses a breathtaking natural and cultural scenery, from Azara to the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve, where the green of the jungle slowly submerges beneath the depths of the Moconá Falls… a dreamscape that is now within your grasp.

The Don Juan Szychowski Museum (in Apóstoles) provides a perfect picture of the vicissitudes and entrepreneurship of the first immigrants. Concepción de la Sierra is a town where you will breath Jesuitical air. Immediately afterwards you will find the Santa María la Mayor mission in the homonymous town. In Santa María, you will be able to visit the Ojo de Agua Guaraní community and acquire handcrafts. In Itacaruaré we will stop at the Municipal Riverside Resort and Camping Grounds. In San Javier, the road approaches and interplays with the Uruguay river’s shore, offering stunning views over the river, after which we will arrive at Cerro Monje, the province’s main religious pilgrimage centre, and then continue on the road enjoying some mate.

In Mojón Grande and Florentino Ameghino, we may choose to go through any of the quaint inner trails. There we will find a series of lookout points where you will be able to take pictures worthy of a postcard. The Paca, Pardo, and Zacarías falls come into view in a perfect blend with the jungle setting. In Panambí, Puerto Sánchez, we will find camping grounds that pay tribute to Guaraní mythology, while in Cerro Mbororé you will know the place where the Mbororé Battle against the Bandeirantes took place in 1641. Nearby, the magic of nature and the green of the jungle will steal the show: home of the Moconá Falls, the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve and the Moconá Provincial Park comprise 999 hectares of the exuberant and lush Paranaense Jungle.

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