Relax in the jungle

The first view of Oberá explains why so many immigrants settled in the area: green lush hills, white and fuchsia azaleas bordering the red dirt roads, stark contrasts with the tea and yerba mate plantations’ verdancy, and a warm and generous sun crowning the scenery.

In this city, surrounded by falls, streams, creeks, riverside resorts, and jungle terrain, denizens offer their warmth and kindness to visitors.

Here, the day can be spent at the Termas de la Selva park, an eight-hectare lot located in the midst of abundant native vegetation and yerba mate plantations, enjoying the hot springs of the Guaraní Aquifer. Distances: From Posadas: 100 km. (62 miles) - From Puerto Iguazú: 269 km. (167 miles)

Colón 1985 - Posadas - Misiones
Tel: (0376) 4447539
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