Native Peoples

The Mbya Guaraní are an ancient jungle people with Amazonian roots. Their culture is as rich as the biodiversity of the paranaense jungle where they have always lived and which they have always protected.

In Misiones, they currently comprise 74 communities and a total population of around 3 thousand individuals.

Nowadays they live in the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve (which extends across 6,500 hectares), where they gather food, medicinal plants, and constructions materials.

The visits to the Mbororé and Yriapú native communities are a unique and unforgettable experience that allows to know their culture and traditions, as well as the secrets of the inner jungle.

San Ignacio Guaraní Community

In this site, inhabited by a community of Guaraní descendants, tourists can visit yerba mate plantations and other crops and witness the handcraft making process. There is also an interpretation centre with information about the history and culture of the missions and didactic shows.

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Mbya Guaraní

Los Mbyá son descendientes de guaraníesque no aceptaron formar parte de las misiones jesuíticas.

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