Posadas is the capital city of the province of Misiones, located on the left bank of the Paraná river, in the province’s southwest. It is the most populated city of Misiones, its administrative, commercial, and cultural centre, and one of the most active and expanding cities in the region.

The San Roque González de Santa Cruz bridge, which extends over the Paraná river, joins Posadas with the city of Encarnación, in the Republic of Paraguay.

Posadas is considered a gateway into the missions and the jungle and, in particular, a cultural mecca: art, music, literature, popular congregations, and religious beliefs come together in a city that offers visitors walks across its vast Costanera (riverside road), a wide array of dining options, hotels, and entertainment.

The Bajada Vieja, a historical location that witnessed the beginning of the port activity, the Botanical Garden, the Conventions and Events Centre, the Parque de la Ciudad, the República del Paraguay Park, the Manuel Antonio Ramírez Municipal Amphitheatre, the Cathedral, the “La Placita” market (on Roque Sáenz Peña avenue), the Mercado del Puente, the House of Government, the 9 de Julio square, the San Martín square, and the Bosetti promenade (with its handcrafts fair) are some of the city’s emblematic attractions.

A variety of museums with historical exhibitions about Misiones and the presence of Jesuits in these lands, in addition to theatres and the Parque del Conocimiento cultural centre, complete the cultural menu. You can also enjoy the city’s night at its various bars, restaurants, pubs, discos, and casino.

Moreover, in the Paraná river, all types of nautical activities take place, such as canoeing, boat rides, jet skiing, and fishing. The island known as Isla del Medio is yet another attraction, with scheduled boat trips that will allow you to enjoy the sun, the island’s greens, and its beaches.


Directions to Posadas

By car: Take National Road No. 12—which connects Buenos Aires with Puerto Iguazú—and National Road No. 105, which serves as a connection with Apóstoles. 

Plane: the Libertador General José de San Martín international airport is one of the most active in the region and is only 10 kilometres away from downtown Posadas.


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