Bird watching

Misiones is home to over 500 bird species, more than half of the total species living in Argentina, many of them endemic to the region.

The melting pot of colours, birdsongs, and flutters are, on the one hand, a unique opportunity to observe and, on the other, a constant challenge even for the most acute watcher.

The province of Misiones has 70 protected Natural Areas across its territory...

The province of Misiones, through its Ministry of Tourism, has started to develop and position Bird Watching as a tourism product and, to that end, it provides training and finances lodging businesses specialized in this activity and companies that render services related to gastronomy, trekking, ecotourism, and adventure tourism. The province also promotes activities and services in different events, tourism fairs, and specialized fairs such as the Birdfair in London. 

By offering unique experiences in full contact with nature, letting tourists know the jungle and its secrets, and providing world-class and tailor-made services, Misiones has become a Bird Watching area of local, national, and international renown.

The following are some of the private companies and Provincial Parks that offer Bird Watching; also, you can stay at a jungle lodge and savour the delicious meals offered by our province.

  1. GüiraOga.
  2. Surucuá
  3. Piray Jungle
  4. San Sebastian de la Selva
  5. Salto Encantado
  6. Saltos del Mocona


Photos by Leo Wolf

Picaflor Tijereta Eupetomena macroura

Misiones es una de las provincias con mayor variedad de especies de aves.


La Observación se pueden realizar en diferentes puntos: Iguazú, El Soberbio, Parque Provincial Mocona, entre otros.

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