Misiones, also on kayak

Misiones has numerous streams that cross its entire territory and flow into the rivers Uruguay, Paraná, Iguazú, San Antonio, or Pepirí Guazú. Watercourses, their lush shores, and the territory’s topography form a breathtaking scene.

The idea is to experience the jungle on water doing responsible activities, combining kayaking with bird watching, maybe enjoying the sight under a full moon, on a rock or near a waterfall that is otherwise almost inaccessible by land, in front of a beach, or bordering a National Park, in order to be in a unique communion with nature.

Tips: Hire professional services. Ask for availability and level of difficulty. Where: Paraná River: Lake Garupá (Garupá), streams Yabebirí (San Ignacio) and Piray Guazú (Eldorado); Uruguay River: Lodges Puro Moconá, Chacra del Agua, and Moconá Virgin (El Soberbio); Iguazú River: Puerto Iguazú and Comandante Andresito are some of the places. Optional: Misiones on bike: The slopes and winding roads beckon to those bold enough to traverse Misiones on two wheels.

Pasturelands, mountain ranges, and two types of jungle—mixed and riparian—are good reasons to set off on an adventure, ride on the trunk roads and take detours to get immersed in the cultural and natural sites disseminated across our territory.

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