Iguazú National Park

The magnificent Iguazú falls, one of the Seven Wonders of Nature, are made up by 275 waterfalls of several heights. The highest one, known as the Devil’s Throat, is 80 metres high.

An unmatched vegetation provides the framework for one of the most breathtaking natural scenes in the world: the Iguazú Falls. They are over 2 km of waterfalls that stand over 70 metres high, a stunning display of one of the world’s increasingly scarce resources: water.

The falls are present across cliffs and islets, all part of a half-moon-shaped landform. There are trails where visitors can walk and also a quaint gas-powered jungle train that begins its ride at the Visitor Centre.

Visitors get to know the Falls basically through two circuits: a lower circuit and a higher circuit. Through the lower circuit, visitors arrive at the bottom of the falls, where, due to the force of its impact, the water turns into a dew or mist (you’ll get wet!). It is a unique experience and the adventure pays off. From this circuit, visitors can also take a boat to the San Martín island.

The higher circuit offers an idle walk. The scenic views from the runways and lookout points are simply unforgettable.

The Iguazú National Park is a protected area that hosts one of the most biologically rich sites in Argentina.

This environment is popularly known as the Selva Misionera (jungle of Misiones). It is home to half of the bird species recorded on Argentine territory and the greatest diversity of orchids in the country, just to name a few examples.

The park was created in 1934 and is one of the first to be established in Argentina. In addition to its scenic beauty, it also has scientific value because it provides an ideal setting to study endangered species, such as the yaguareté. The area is an open-air “school” where children and youngsters can learn about the multiple relations among living beings. Moreover, tourism is the main driver of the region’s economic growth.

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