Popular festivals

Throughout the year, thousands of visitors gather in Misiones for various popular festivities to enjoy the hospitality, the typical regional meals, the music, and the liveliness of a multicultural province, marked by the influence of Guaraní descendants and the grandchildren of European immigrants who arrived during the mid-20th century. 

National Immigrant Festival

The National Immigrant Festival is held every year in early September at Parque de las Naciones, in the city of Oberá.

During one week, on a lot of approximately 10 hectares where each community has their own house, several social, cultural, sport, and recreational activities are performed in a festive environment that gathers locals and visitors who enjoy exquisite typical meals.

Throughout the festival’s different days, world-class artistic shows are held, with the presence of the different communities’ ballets.

Within the same lot, there is a fair showing the commercial, farming, and industrial production of the region, as well as a handcrafts fair with a wide gamut of high-quality works made by Argentine and foreign artisans.

Without a doubt, one of the most important activities is the election and crowning of the National Queen of Immigrants, a ceremony that gathers representatives of each community, mostly granddaughters of immigrants. That same night, the Virtual Queen of Immigrants is also chosen, this time by people all across the world, who are able to vote for any of the candidates.

Some of the most prominent communities are the French, German, Nordic (Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic, Swedish, and Danish), Swiss, Italian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian, Paraguayan, Arab, and Peruvian communities, among others.

In 1979, the first gathering of the different immigrant communities was held within a colourful framework of integration. Annual editions have been held since then. Each year, with new shows and attractions, the festival is visited by over 120,000 people.

National Orchid Festival and Provincial Flower Festival

Since 1990, this festival has been held in October of each year in the city of Montecarlo, considered the “National Orchid Capital,” with the presence of producers, growers, scientists, enthusiasts, and collectors.

Also, since 1983, the Provincial Flower Festival is held. This festival takes place in Parque Juan Vortisch, home of South America’s largest garden maze, with a total surface of 4,000 square metres, which is open to the public all year round.

Thousands of visitors arrive in Montecarlo—located 180 kilometres (112 miles) away from Posadas, over the Paraná river and on the border with Paraguay—from different Argentine provinces and neighbouring countries to appreciate the exquisite variety of regional flora specimens, the different orchid and plant stands, cultural exhibitions, a great variety of local meals, and many other attractions.

Moreover, the “Parks, Gardens, Showcases, and Best Orchid” competition is held. During the festival, there is a Chamamé Night Show, the National Orchid Queen and the Provincial Flower Queen are chosen, and the Night of the Youth is celebrated, among other events. There is also an Orchid Marathon, with the participation of athletes from different places, and an Orchid Long Walk, with the involvement of neighbours and visitors.

Provincial Beer Festival

During the second week of November, the town of Leandro N. Alem prepares to celebrate a new edition of the Provincial Beer Festival. Each year, this event attracts visitors from different places in Misiones and tourists from neighbouring countries who want to enjoy the festivities.

The Provincial Beer Festival combines all Misiones traditions so tourists can, for eight days, savour local meals, participate in exhibitions, see handcrafts made in this land, and, of course, enjoy the music and dancing, which are part and parcel of this wonderful event.

Leandro N. Alem is known as the “Capital of Joy,” a sentiment embodied in each of its inhabitants, who happily receive visitors. This town is part of the Región de las Sierras Centrales (Central Hills Region) and offers a wide range of attractions.

National Yerba Mate Festival

Yerba mate is so popular in Argentina that it even has its own festival. Since 1944, the National Yerba Mate Festival has been held in the  town of Apóstoles, 68 kilometres (42 miles) away from Posadas, with the participation of the most important names in Argentine folk music.

Ever since the Guaraníes started using it as an infusion, yerba mate gained prominence throughout the whole territory of Misiones, becoming the most representative product in the region. The province of Misiones has the best yerba mate plantations.

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