Fauna of Misiones

Chipa, mate, and wonderment are some of the reasons to make this family trip that comprises four stops: the first one is the El Puma Ecological Park, in Candelaria, a native fauna breeding and infirmary centre where wild animals and reptile, mammal, and bird species are rescued and preserved.

Only a few kilometres away is the second stop: the Butterfly Vivarium of Parque Temático de la Cruz, on the Santa Ana hill, a lot comprising 57.5 hectares of pristine native hills, standing 360 meters above the sea level.

You should not miss the opportunity to climb up to the arms of the Cross, take a break and have a meal at the Santanero restaurant. This is followed by a visit to the Bird Garden in the city of Oberá. It is an area with vegetation-covered paths and a landscape harbouring over 200 birds of 70 different species that can be observed along the way. Those who devote more time to this trip will be rewarded with adventures for children at the Berrondo Falls and the Monte Aventura recreational resort, also in Oberá.

The fourth and last stop is in Montecarlo, which offers two magnificent places to visit and discover: the Aquarium—an invitation to the submarine world of fish—and the Zoo-Bal-Park, a park with native plants and animals.

To cap off this trip, there is a Regional Products Fair located by the side of National Route 12, between the Garuhapé village and the entrance to Gruta India, with exquisite handcrafts and homemade products like pickles and sweets. After that, it’s time to prepare a new round of mate.

Note: please ask about available days and times.

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