Experience the Jungle... Listen to Nature’s heartbeats...

Misiones has 1.5 million hectares under Sustainable Management divided into over 70 Protected Natural Areas that seek to preserve the fifth most endangered forest in the world: the Misiones Jungle.

The Jungle Road and the Guaraní Footprint are ecotourism products that let travellers go to the heart of the eco-region with the highest biodiversity in Argentina and experience the Natural and Cultural Heritage of our Province.

During the Jungle Road and Guaraní Footprint trips, you will:

  • Be in full contact with the mystical Guaraní Jungle of Misiones in the different Protected Natural Areas.
  • Know numerous waterfalls and cascades that complement the large diversity and wealth found in the Misiones Jungle.
  • Interact with the native cultures, learn about their construction, hunting, and fishing methods, and see their handcrafts.
  • Learn about the cultural diversity brought about by different waves of immigration and colonization and savour genuine local meals.
  • Rest in ecotourism lodges and do activities under the guide of experts.
  • Do cycle tourism, photographic rides, bird watching and study millenary native species, among other activities.


The Jungle Road:

The Jungle Road is an Ecotourism Region found in the sustainable development and preservation area called Corredor Verde (Green Corridor) of the Province of Misiones. It is a wide region that can be traversed from all of the Province’s cardinal points.

In addition to the biggest attractions, such as the Iguazú Falls (one of the 7 Wonders of Nature), the Jesuit Reductions, the Moconá Falls, and Cruz de Santa Ana, there are many natural attractions that offer a unique scenery. There are protected areas, ecological tourism activities, adventure tourism, sports, nature interpretation, and native wildlife viewing.

The Guaraní Footprint:

It is the Province’s first long-distance ethno-tourism trail and it can be found inside the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve (277,553 hectares)—internationally recognized by the MAB programme of UNESCO— where you will find rural colonies, indigenous communities, and the biodiversity of the Protected Natural Areas.

This Trail connects visitors with the legendary and mythological Guaraní worldview, the region’s amazing biodiversity and its cultural heritage.

In sum, the Guaraní Footprint is a product that comprises three elements that summarize the Province of Misiones: the jungle, the colonies, and the Mbya Guaraní Nation.

Selva Misionera

Para adentrarse en las entrañas de la tupida selva misionera.

Pueblos Originarios

Un caminos para conocer la cultura de los pueblos originarios.

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