Jungle connection

The breathtaking views offered by the lookout points on the last part of Provincial Road 2, known as the Riverside Road, by the side of the Uruguay river, are the prelude to a scenery in Argentina’s border that stands in contrast to the soybean farming sector of the Brazilian coast. It is on this border that we’ll find the town of El Soberbio. The successive shades of green next to the hills introduce you to the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve; this is natural scenery at its finest.

At the end of the road, be sure not to miss the opportunity to walk from the Interpretation Centre along the Chachí Path in the Saltos del Moconá Provincial Park to discover the essence of Misiones’ jungles.

Recommended: cabins and jungle lodges | nautical ride to the Moconá Falls or on the alternative path through the jungle’s inner streams | adventure activities. Protected natural areas: Yabotí Biosphere Reserve | Saltos del Moconá Provincial Park.

Distances: From Posadas: 230 km. (143 miles) - From Oberá: 125 km. (78 miles) - From Puerto Iguazú: 260 km. (162 miles)

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