Charming falls and cascades

Among the lush vegetation and red lands, you will find the most beautiful waterfalls you can imagine, where terrain irregularities and large watercourses combine into endless captivating cascades.

There are hidden streams and falls to be found. In Capioví and Jardín América, along National Road 12, we will find the Salto Capioví Natural Park and the Tabay Falls, respectively, both equipped with grills, WCs, a natural pool, and a wide landscape with camping grounds.

To the north, in Garuhapé, is Gruta India, a place of renowned archaeological and natural richness where cabins and facilities for tourists were recently inaugurated.

Furthermore, by the side of National Road 14, in the centre of Misiones, is the Salto Berrondo Tourist Resort, a place that will cater to your every need. It has a lake and a huge park that includes footpaths, fields, and camping grounds with grills.

Also along National Route 14 is the Salto Encantado Provincial Park, owing its name to a 64-meter tall waterfall. It comprises over 13,000 hectares of unadulterated nature, featuring lookout points and food services and staffed with specialized personnel, park rangers, and tourist guides.

We recommend visiting the quaint towns and their residents, who offer lodging and camping grounds throughout the area.

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