Songs of the Jungle

The Paranaense jungle offers the largest biodiversity in Argentina, with more than 500 bird species. Featuring private reserves and surrounded by Provincial parks, the Comandante Andresito village offers the possibility to take unique walks in contact with nature where you will discover the jungle and its secrets in a perfect area for bird watching.

The vast palm forests, the majestic Perobas Rosas, and the powerful Iguazú river offer a learning and discovery experience, listening to the huge variety of native birds, sensing the presence of large mammals by studying their tracks, observing the large diversity of butterflies, orchids, and insects, and living the adventure of kayaking the river surrounded by the jungle, stimulating the senses.

Staying at a lodge such as Surucuá Reserva & Ecolodge, San Sebastián de la Selva, Bío-reserva Karadya, Reserva Yvytu, or Yacutinga Lodge on the Eastern border of the Iguazú National Park may be the ideal complement to this experience. Distances: From Posadas: 327 km. (203 miles) - From Oberá: 326 km. (202.5 miles) - From Puerto Iguazú: 110 km. (68 miles)

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