Jungle Lodging

This is a type of low-impact, environmentally-friendly lodging within a framework of sustainable management that helps protect the surrounding fragile areas. It empowers and helps local communities and offers tourists a participative and interpretative experience. It allows a spiritual communion with culture and nature: it has been planned, designed, built, and operated in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner.

In Misiones, it is possible to find several types of lodges, from rustic to sophisticated, all with the same mission: getting visitors close to the jungle and its diverse natural settings.

Staying at a lodge in Misiones offers more than just a natural environment. It entails getting in touch with the vital pulse of nature, doing activities such as jungle walks, insect and bird watching, having contact with local inhabitants and indigenous villages, and riding special vehicles and off-road bikes, kayaks, and boats.

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La estadía en los lodges de selva se prioriza el bienestar en todos sus aspectos.


Forma parte del Bosque Atlántico, una eco región que se extiende desde la Serra do Mar en la costa brasileña hasta el este de Paraguay y casi toda la Provincia de Misiones.

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